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New Kawasaki Teryx Doors
Kawasaki Teryx  Suicide Opening Doors Vehicle Description New opening doors for the 2008-2009  Brand new design that has taken it to the next level for your Teryx. Be the first to have a safe and durable design and looks awsome!!!!! Doors open from the front to rear for the Teryx. Positive Latch that goes through the strike plate make it impossible for it to come loose in a crash or roll over. Our doors also give you 3" of arm room and an awsome arm rest that compliments body lines and is 100% hand crafted. We use top quality products and craftsmanship with all of our products. Will not rattle we provide a open cell foam that seals out the dust mud and oter debris of normal offroading. NO DRILLING REQUIRED !!!!! with our bolt on tabs there is no drilling involved just bolt and go. Give us a call and we can answer any questions 480-545-7651
$700.00 per pair raw
Add $75.00 for powdercoated skins
CA Shipping $75.00